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Thank you for your interest in Trico Homes Damkar Seniors-oriented Residential Project and offering to formally provide your support.

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Support the Damkar Seniors-oriented Residential Project

July 2021

Jessica Anderson
Planning and Development
Rocky View County
Re: Trico Homes Seniors-Oriented Residential Project
Application: PL20210120-1

This is a letter of support for Trico Homes Damkar Seniors-oriented Residential project. I support this project primarily because it addresses Rocky View County’s 2015 Seniors Housing Assessment which identifies the need for a range of housing options for aging populations within the county over the next ten years. I am also supporting the project based on the following:

• It meets my expectations of what a seniors-oriented development should consist of, including a variety of living formats that allows people to age comfortably with their loved ones, close to the communities they come from.

• The revised application includes a 55+ age restriction which provides more clarity on building format and anticipated demographics.

• The proposed design integrates with the architecture of the Watermark community, responds to the topography and provides a reasonable transition from neighbouring City of Calgary density.

• Trico Homes demonstrated responsiveness through their public engagement process and have reduced the height and density to a scale that is reasonable for the area.

Thank you.

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